Sabino Abruzzese

Sabino Abruzzese, CX Excellence Director, Italy

What motivates you about your job?

I am driven by the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on people's lives. Having personally witnessed the challenges and hopes of loved ones suffering from diseases, I understand the significance of effective treatments. Working at Daiichi Sankyo has given me a sense of purpose, as I contribute to providing patients with treatment options.

What do you look forward to when going to work?

For sure, the coffee breaks with my colleagues! Furthermore, I am excited about collaborating with my team, engaging in discussions, brainstorming sessions, and exchanging ideas. Our collective goal is to cultivate an environment that nurtures talent, promotes growth, and encourages innovation.

What is the most exciting part about your workday?

The most thrilling aspect of my workday is the opportunity to create something new. Whether it's developing a fresh strategy, designing a dynamic dashboard, conducting insightful analyses, or offering a new perspective on unresolved issues, Daiichi Sankyo provides an environment where innovative ideas can flourish. At the end of each day, I reflect on the positive impact I have made by asking myself, "What have I changed today? How have I improved or assisted someone in their growth?" This sense of continuous improvement and making a difference drives my excitement in the workplace.

Why did you choose Daiichi Sankyo as an employer?

For three main reasons.

  1. Potential: With its rapid growth and oncological breakthroughs, Daiichi Sankyo is making a substantial impact on the lives of patients.
  2. Culture: I deeply resonate with and share the values and company culture of Daiichi Sankyo. The alignment between my personal beliefs and the organization's principles played a significant role in my decision.
  3. People: I am consistently excited about the opportunity to collaborate with the exceptional individuals at Daiichi Sankyo. Their expertise, passion, and dedication contribute to a dynamic and inspiring work environment.

If you had to describe Daiichi Sankyo in three words – what would they be?

Passion. Impact. People.

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