Lailla Schriewer

Lailla Schriewer, Patient Engagement Partner, Belgium

What motivates you about your job?

As the Patient Engagement Partner within the Daiichi Sankyo / AstraZeneca (DS-AZ) Alliance Team for Belgium and Luxembourg, I am driven by the opportunity to oversee the entire patient journey and contribute to improving patient outcomes. In this role, I play a critical role in developing and enhancing internal and external resources to maximize value for patients”.

If you had to describe Daiichi Sankyo in three words – what would they be?

If I had to describe Daiichi Sankyo in three words, they would be "Compassion for patients". At Daiichi Sankyo, there is a genuine dedication and empathy towards improving the quality of life of patients around the world. The company's actions and decisions are driven by a deep sense of compassion, ensuring that patient needs are at the forefront of everything they do.  

How has your personal journey at Daiichi Sankyo been?

Since joining Daiichi Sankyo in November 2014, my journey has been filled with growth and development. I began in cardiological medical affairs and later became an MSLs manager. In April 2020, I transitioned to the Sales department as a hospital representative in the Liege region. Now, as a Patient Engagement Partner in Oncology since February 2023, I'm excited for the new challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Daiichi Sankyo has provided me with valuable experiences and the chance to continually grow both professionally and personally.

Looking at our three Core Behaviours (Be Inclusive & Embrace Diversity, Collaborate & Trust, Develop & Grow) – pick one and tell us what you connect with it.

Collaborate & Trust: Collaboration and trust are essential, especially in a cross-functional role where we interact with various stakeholders, including sales representatives, brand managers, and medical professionals.

What do you look forward to when going to work?

I look forward to collaborating with a diverse range of healthcare professionals, including oncology nurses, pneumologists and radiologists. Together, we aim to optimise patient support through various initiatives, including nurse education on adverse events and enhancing communication between healthcare providers, patients, and their families.

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