Dr. Sebastian Wienerroither

Dr. Sebastian Wienerroither, Head of Medical Affairs Cardiovascular, Austria

What motivates you about your job?

The value creation resulting from my work is a strong motivation for me. After years of working in research, I find fulfillment in transforming knowledge and data into real-life applications that improve patients' lives. Collaborating with healthcare professionals (HCPs) in sharing and discussing trial data allows us to create innovative improvements that ultimately benefit patients.

What do you look forward to when going to work?

Every day, I eagerly anticipate interacting and exchanging ideas with my colleagues. After gaining insights from HCPs, I am motivated to address their queries and collaborate as a cross-functional team to address the challenges faced by both HCPs and patients.

What is the most exciting part about your workday?

The most exciting aspect of my workday is gathering insights and learnings from HCPs. Understanding their perspectives and utilising clinical data in various projects enhances our awareness and expertise in specific therapeutic areas.

Why did you choose Daiichi Sankyo as an employer?

After several years in research, I chose Daiichi Sankyo because it provided me with the opportunity to grow and develop within the pharmaceutical industry. I was impressed and honored by the level of trust they placed in me as an employee. At Daiichi Sankyo, I feel empowered, valued, and recognised every day.

If you had to describe Daiichi Sankyo in three words - what would they be?

Open - communication is always kept as clear, direct and transparent as possible.
Trustful - employees are regarded for everything they contribute and treated as valued members.
Innovative - there is always a new and better way to improve and help to deliver better treatment options to our patients.

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