Andrea Ortiz Martinez

Andrea Ortiz Martinez, Operational Buyer Specialist, Spain

What motivates you about your job?

Collaboration, a sense of belonging, and working in an innovative company are all motivating factors that drive my passion and commitment to my job. These factors promote teamwork, inclusivity, continuous learning, professional growth, and making a meaningful impact. They contribute to my overall job satisfaction and motivation. 

Why did you choose Daiichi Sankyo as an employer?

After conducting extensive research, I found that Daiichi Sankyo stood out as a company that not only provided a conducive environment for my professional aspirations but also valued individuality and growth. The company's commitment to adapting and accommodating employees' goals and values, while providing ample opportunities for personal and professional development, resonated with me. Therefore, when the opportunity to join Daiichi Sankyo arose, I embraced it without hesitation.

What is the most exciting part about your workday?

What excites me the most about starting each day is:

  • Working with a team that is enthusiastic about collaborating on projects.
  • The endless opportunities for learning and personal growth.
  • Seeing ideas transform into tangible, executed projects.
  • The chance to network and connect with colleagues.
  • The work environment, which offers a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, allowing me to explore and experiment with innovative approaches to problem-solving.

If you had to describe Daiichi Sankyo in three words – what would they be?

  • Transparent: Demonstrating clear communication and information sharing, the company shows genuine interest in ensuring employees understand the reasoning behind decisions and actions.
  • Curious: Fostering innovation and research, Daiichi Sankyo actively explores new approaches and methods.
  • Committed: The company's strong engagement, including robust manager-employee relationships, frequent communication, and a sense of belonging, keeps employees motivated and interested in their work.

Looking at our three Core Behaviours (Be Inclusive & Embrace Diversity, Collaborate & Trust, Develop & Grow) – pick one and tell us what you connect with it.

Among our three Core Behaviours, I connect most with Collaborate & Trust. It is the driving force behind successful projects and fosters innovative solutions. Through collaboration and trust, we tap into each other's knowledge and experiences, creating a symbiotic environment that fuels growth. Without them, true progress is difficult to achieve.

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