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Daiichi Sankyo Europe launches at ESMO 2018

New video-based website on cancer answers most frequently asked patient questions and simplifies medical jargon in 16 (EU & minority) different languages.

  • Website in 16 different languages aims to support cancer patients with a better understanding of their treatment journey by providing key information on the main aspects of cancer treatment in major and minority languages of Europe.
  • In multiple short videos leading HCPs explain in easy-to-understand language topics that are beneficial to most patients with cancer. 

Munich - (October 19, 2018) - Daiichi Sankyo Europe launches the new video information portal at ESMO 2018 Congress. The online resource tool aims to help patients overcome barriers in understanding their cancer therapy journey, often due to medical jargon, foreign language and a sense of being overwhelmed after a cancer diagnosis. In multiple short videos leading HCPs answer the most frequently asked patient questions on the main aspects of cancer treatment, including side-effects, types of treatment and impact on daily life in their native tongue. The website is complemented with a list of frequently asked questions about what to expect, how to prepare and what to do when diagnosed with cancer and also includes a glossary that provides definitions for various cancer-related terms. The result is an information-rich platform in the main European languages (English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish and Italian) and the most frequently spoken minority languages in these countries (Turkish, Polish, Romanian, Serbo-Croatian, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic and Berber).

Cancer terminology explained in easy-to-understand language
“We paid a lot of attention to the fact that all videos and information use easy-to-understand language because many patients experience difficulties understanding, comprehending and remembering details of their chemotherapy during their first consultation”, says Dr. Ajoeb Baridi, Regional Medical Advisor at Daiichi Sankyo UK and head behind the whole project. “This may be due to lack of language proficiency and medical jargon or the initial shock of having cancer.” Topics include answers to questions like ‘when is my diarrhoea too frequent and severe’, ‘when should I contact my oncologists in the case of nausea’ or ‘what helps to build energy levels to fight fatigue’. 

Why oncologist and haematologist supported our project
“I decided to support this project because I really think it is helpful for patients and families whose lives are crossed by a cancer”, says Dr. Chiara Frairia from the University Hospital in Turin (Italy) who has helped record some of the videos. “Patients and families will find a verified website, filled with information that are shared and checked by expert physicians from the onco-haematological field. The website is useful for people of many different languages as it addresses the majority of questions linked to the diagnosis of cancer and its treatment.”

“Compared to a doctor’s appointment or phone consultation, the great advantage of this website is that patients can receive an answer to a question at exactly the time when it arises”, says Dr. Miguel Gil from the University Hospital in Barcelona (Spain). He is the speaker for the Spanish language videos and supported the project also to help take pressure off physicians who spend a lot of time on patient education. Of course the tool is not intended to replace or reduce the time spent visiting a doctor or oncology nurse. “The face-to-face contact remains the most important aspect in a doctor patient relationship. But if the website helps to reduce questions and anxieties so that consultation will be used more effectively, I would consider this a great result.”

“I was very excited and definitely wanted to support the project as soon as I heard about it”, says Prof Nicolai Maass, Director of the University Women's Hospital on the Kiel campus (Germany). The clinic has a centre that specialises in breast and genital cancer. “Every year, approximately 74,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in Germany. It is particularly important that every woman, who is confronted with this diagnosis, receives the best information, therapy and medical as well as psychological care during and after her treatment”, explains Maass. “The new mycancertherapy website supports us physicians in patient education. It enables patients to have the most important information about cancer explained to them by experts at home – in simple language and, if necessary, in their own mother tongue.”

Website will be launched in eight countries
The website will be launched in eight countries (UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy France, Netherlands) with patients having access to all 16 languages. It highlights Daiichi Sankyo’s commitment to oncology and to push beyond the boundaries of science, delivering services that make a real difference to patients’ lives:

About Daiichi Sankyo
Daiichi Sankyo Group is dedicated to the creation and supply of innovative pharmaceutical products to address diversified, unmet medical needs of patients in both mature and emerging markets. With over 100 years of scientific expertise and a presence in more than 20 countries, Daiichi Sankyo and its 15,000 employees around the world draw upon a rich legacy of innovation and a robust pipeline of promising new medicines to help people. In addition to a strong portfolio of medicines for hypertension and thrombotic disorders, under the Group’s 2025 Vision to become a “Global Pharma Innovator with Competitive Advantage in Oncology,” Daiichi Sankyo research and development is primarily focused on bringing forth novel therapies in oncology, including immuno-oncology, with additional focus on new horizon areas, such as pain management, neurodegenerative diseases, heart and kidney diseases, and other rare diseases. For more information, please visit:

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