Spotlight on Our Employees

Our employees are the ones who can most accurately describe what it feels like to work for us. Click through the interviews below to learn more!

Niccolò, Alliance Manager

At Daiichi Sankyo, the word "we" always comes before the letter "I"... our teams work closely together to achieve set goals and to prioritize customer needs. Read more.

Michael, Medical Affairs Cardiovascular

Different cultures, diversity and flexibility are the foundation for creativity and innovation. Daiichi Sankyo offers all of this allowing people to grow in a unique environment. Read more

Rocio, Expert Customer Service & Order Processing International

Working here is like being a superhero every day. We fight together, we are trustworthy, and we are committed to changing lives... Read more. 

Inaam, Medical Affairs Oncology

I am motivated by the company values to show integrity and to act as a partner with our clinicians to ultimately benefit patients with appropriate treatment. Read more

Paolo, Workforce Analytics

Courage means to never stop looking for a solution from which everyone can benefit. Read More

Andreas, Industry 4.0

I believe that working in the pharmaceutical sector is one of the best things you can do, because your work contributes to improving the lives of other people. Read more.

Angelika, Epidemiologist

My biggest motivation is the knowledge that I play a part in providing new medicines for patients and in this way, I am saving lives. Read more.

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