Andreas, Industry 4.0

What is your role at Daiichi Sankyo? Can you describe what you are doing every day?  

In our Industry 4.0 team at the Pfaffenhofen pharmaceutical manufacturing site, we are leveraging digital technologies to improve processes and make our colleagues’ working lives easier. Our responsibilities go beyond designing technical aspects of Industry 4.0 solutions – in bringing new ideas into industrial application, we are also change managers and work closely with future users to make sure they benefit as much as possible. 

What motivates you to work for Daiichi Sankyo?  

I believe that working in the pharmaceutical sector is one of the best things you can do, because your work contributes to improving the lives of other people. With Integrity being one of Daiichi Sankyo’s core values, I feel that working here is time well spent. We are also experiencing a very exciting time with the new oncologic products, there are plenty of new projects and we have a lot of freedom to bring in our own ideas. 

How would you describe the working culture at Daiichi Sankyo? 
To me, the most prominent feature of the working culture at Daiichi Sankyo is that almost everyone is helpful and cooperative. Another thing that stands out is that colleagues from all levels of hierarchy treat each other with dignity and respect. Decisions are generally based on careful and thorough consideration of facts – a clear effect of the high responsibility in producing pharmaceuticals.  

Can you share a failure that you have experienced in your career and how you turned it into a powerful learning lesson going forward? 

During my PhD studies, I regularly supervised students who would work in my research project. At one time, I had been occupied with office tasks for two weeks, so instead of regularly meeting the students in the laboratory, we only exchanged phone calls and emails. When we met again in the lab, I immediately saw that they had unknowingly made a mistake in the experimental setup. It turned out that the results from those two weeks of experimental work could not be used. This could have been avoided if I had set my priorities differently. What I took away from this experience is that even if there are many other tasks to do, I’ll always make sure to take my time to provide guidance, so everyone can make the most of their time. 

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