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In our portfolio since: 2009

Trademark: Efient1


Our oral antiplatelet agent prasugrel2 helps to keep blood platelets from clotting together and developing a blockage in arteries in patients who had an acute coronary syndrome (ACS) and underwent a percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). Acute coronary syndrome is a group of conditions in which blood supply in the vessels supplying the heart is interrupted so heart tissue cannot work properly or dies. It includes unstable angina (a severe type of chest pain) and heart attack. Percutaneous coronary intervention is a procedure used to unblock the blood vessels supplying the heart.

Clinical Trials

TRITON TIMI 38: With 13,608 patients the largest trial to date evaluating a potent platelet inhibitor in ACS-PCI to prevent major cardiovascular events.1,2


  1. For legal reasons detailed information about prescription medicine may only be given to healthcare professionals.
  2. N Engl J Med. 2007 Nov 15;357(20):2001-15