Green Mobility

Innovative Mobility Concept

The award-winning mobility concept at Daiichi Sankyo Europe is based on an innovative, economic and sustainable approach. It offers our employees a dedicated mobility budget that can be spent on the transportation means of their choice.

The amount of our employees’ mobility budget depends on their chosen transportation options. Simply put: The more sustainable and healthy the mobility-mix is, the higher the mobility budget will be. This is not only good for the environment but also for our employees’ health and their time efficiency.


Focus on Mobility Mix

Our employees live and work in different places, have different areas of operation, travel for different occasions and have very heterogeneous private backgrounds in addition to different travel times. It was therefore important to us to provide our employees with flexible mobility that takes into account their individual and constantly changing demands on their professional and private mobility.

Access to all forms of mobility enables our employees to apply an efficient mobility mix that enables them to use resources sparingly in terms of time, money and the environment.

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